Dealsby - About Us

Dealsby is revolutionizing the way small businesses connect with their communities.

Our cutting-edge, community-centric referral marketing platform is designed specifically for the unique needs of small businesses, particularly in the restaurant, retail, and professional services sectors.

With Dealsby, businesses can effortlessly create, launch, and manage viral web and app-based customer referral programs that leverage geolocation technology, drawing in more nearby customers and boosting local engagement.

Our solution not only drives significant increases in foot traffic and customer acquisition but also offers consumers a meaningful way to save and contribute to the vitality of their neighborhood businesses.

In essence, joining the Dealsby community as a small business or consumer means you’re choosing to be part of a special group that’s dedicated to not just individual success, but the collective prosperity of the entire community. It’s about making a positive impact, one referral at a time.

Founded by Brenton Wright in Atlanta, GA, Dealsby draws from his family’s Small Business background. With over 30 years of business experience and an MBA in Entrepreneurship, Brenton’s entrepreneurial vision and educational foundation drive the success of Dealsby’s SaaS Referral Marketing & Customer Engagement Technology.

The Dealsby founder saw Dealsby an opportunity to harness the power of community and technology to create a platform that not only drives growth for small businesses but also fosters a sense of unity and support among consumers. By tapping into the collective desire to see local businesses thrive, Dealsby will become more than a technology—it will become a movement that champions local excellence and shared prosperity.