Dealsby Keys to Success

Dealsby is a Referral Marketing & Customer Engagement Platform that directly connects great local Small Businesses with new customers by obtaining referrals from their existing customers in exchange for valuable customer referral rewards. Referral sharing can be done in one click using WhatsAppTM, Email and Social Media.

In order for Dealsby to be a value-added and time saving solution for both our Business Subscribers and Consumers, both parties must have a large & strong presence on the platform.

Creating Value for All

Business Subscribers:

  • Actively promote Dealsby as your Customer Referral Program Provider to your current customers.
  • Provide fun & worthwhile customer referral incentives for your current & potential new customers.
  • Make sure that your business profile is informative and up to date, has great pictures of your key products & services that give your potential new customers a glimpse of how great your small business is and how you will be able to fulfill their needs.
  • Check your Dealsby account and App Dashboard regularly to see what new customer referrals have recently been submitted by your current customers.


  • Dealsby is free to Consumers, forever. Make sure to tell your family and friends about Dealsby and how everyone can be rewarded with future purchase discounts for their referrals.
  • Dealsby is a new and fun App-based way to communicate great local Small Business referrals to your family and friends as opposed to the traditional “Word of Mouth” sharing of referrals.
  • Recommend your favorite Small Businesses to join. Please use the “Recommend a Small Business” feature on the homepage and Dealsby will contact the recommended Small Business directly to introduce ourselves and also recruit them to join.
  • Make sure to let the Subscriber Business know how easy and intuitive it is to use Dealsby and how you will be regularly recommending more of your family & friends to patronize their favorite local small businesses now that the Dealsby Social Commerce Platform is available.
  • Talk Dealsby up on your Social Media Platforms. We all know how something can become viral quickly when it's shared on social media.
  • Saving you search time looking for reputable local Small Businesses while also saving money with those highly referred businesses is what Dealsby is all about.
  • Remember: Dealsby helps you and your family and friends save real money and time through customer referral discount rewards at businesses that offer great customer experiences and fit your needs.